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All aBoard


Have you ever wondered how people come to be on a board of local businesses or non-profits? We thought you might be interested in learning more about this kind of service, so drumroll please…

ImpactCR and Iowa State University Extension Office are pleased to announce the return of All aBoard: Leadership through Committees, Boards, Commissions, which is dedicated to educating individuals with a desire to serve the community through leadership.

All aBoard is a high-value, no-cost opportunity to advance the leadership skills of the next generation of community leaders in the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City Corridor and is geared towards any young professional wanting to get more involved in local committees, boards or commissions.

Agenda topics will include networking opportunities, a keynote speaker and round table discussions from area experts that will discuss their own experience as well as address:
• Application Process
• Board Expectations
• Identifying Professional and Personal Skill Sets for Board Service
• Balancing Volunteer Commitments with Professional Obligations

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, there will be no cost to attend this event, however, registration will be limited to the first 40 participants. Register here, today and we’ll see you there!


YP Handbook: Leave Your Card

Every once in a while, we’ll come across a YP blog post that features ImpactCR.  Who doesn’t love when your group is recognized for how awesome we are?  Christoph Trappe hung out at the ImpactCR table at the Corridor Welcome Reception and came across a pretty innovative way to hit up those who might be a little… shall we say… lazy.

Email News: Easy to sign up – Drop Card in Bowl

I admit it.  I’m lazy.  I don’t want to fill out long forms (on paper or online) to sign up for email newsletters.  You might not want to either.

With that in mind this caught my eye at the ImpactCR table at the Corridor Welcome Reception at the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance on May 7, 2013.

This is so easy.  Leave your card in the bowl to stay in touch.  No lengthy sign-up required.


The easier the sign-up the more likely I am to get on the list, especially if I’m on the fence or whether to sign up or  not.

Full disclosure:  I’m on the ImpactCR Board, staffed the table that night but had nothing to do with the set-up.  Thanks, Mallory Mohwinkle!

Christoph and Katie

While my opinion may be slightly biased, this is pretty genius!  Quick, to the point and I don’t have to wait for someone else to fill out the signup sheet and I can move on to more important stuff like networking and finding out about local businesses and organizations.  Great job, Mallory!  Huge thanks to Katie and Christoph for manning the table.

Editors Note:  Permission to use this blog post (original post here) and pictures was granted by Christoph prior to publishing this post.

We Want You!

There.  I said it.  ImpactCR wants you to join our really awesome group of young professionals!  I’m not going to be shy any longer.  Who doesn’t want to be wanted?  Right?! 😉  Exactly.  Which is why those of you who want to become more involved with ImpactCR should tell us how awesome you are and why you should be on the ImpactCR Board of Advisors.

Do you have a vision of what you think is the ideal community for the Now and Next Generation?  Have you already been working toward that vision?

Are you in love with Cedar Rapids and not care who knows it?  Us too!  Which is why we need to meet, so we can be friends and create a community of young pros who all want to have fun and do some really awesome things together.

If you aren’t quite sure what ImpactCR is, or what we do, then you haven’t been reading our blog long enough.  Just Kidding!  That’s why I’ll tell you where you can can get the best information (here and here).

If you’re interested in applying to be on the board, check out the application and get it back to the awesome Kelly Slaughter at kslaughter@cedarrapids.org by 5 p.m. Friday, November 9th.  Do you have a few questions or want to meet a few of the board members before sending in your application?  No worries!  You’ll be able to find us on Wednesday at Vito’s on 42nd for the last Siren Wednesday of the year.  It’s happening from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  What’s Siren?  Check out the deets from the last Siren Wednesday at Dublin City Pub (here and here)!

Stay tuned for details on the Ugly Holiday Sweater Party on December 1st!  You’d better start planning your entry for the “Best of Ugly” walk off!  As always, see you soon!

5 W’s (and H) of the Next Gen Summit

October is a very exciting month for ImpactCR!  Why you ask?  BECAUSE WE ARE FINALLY CO-HOSTING OUR VERY FIRST NEXT GEN YP SUMMIT!  Whew.  Sorry to yell, but I’m so stoked for this event.  Not only is this event the first of it’s kind for our organization, but we are collaborating with EPIC (Empowered Professionals of the Iowa City area).  Don’t worry… I had to ask too.  They’re like ImpactCR, but in Iowa City.  Awesome, right!?  That’s what we thought, so when they said that they’d send some brain power our way, we got even more excited.  I’m not sure how much more excited we could be… but you catch my drift.

Moving on… So you know I’m pumped, but I’m sure you would like to know why.  Of course…. let me tell you about the Next Gen Summit.  We’ll start with the remaining W’s (because I already told you What) and the H.

WHO… is this for?  YOU of course!  If you consider yourself a young professional, don’t care how old you are, we want you to be there.  If you’re a CEO, BigWig, executive, leader within your company or simply interested in the development of our future professionals, we want you there too!

WHERE/WHEN… do I need to be there? The Hotel at Kirkwood on October 15th from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.. CEO’s/BigWigs, etc. you have a special time to be there.  Don’t fret.  I’ll get to that in a moment. 😉

WHY are you hosting this cool AMAZING event that I simply must attend?  Because the Iowa City group said it right… we want to help empower the young professionals in the creative corridor.  This half day event features workshops that touch on professional communication skills, starting your own business, diversity and how to become the next top dog.  We want to help you connect with others in the corridor who are just like you and what better way than all in one place, with those who have quite possibly gotten it right.

HOW… do I get signed up? Click this link and complete the registration form.  There is a charge of $75, but tell your boss you want to go and see if they’ll buy if you fly.  Yeah, that one was pretty lame, but you get it.  Tell them how awesome this event is, or wait for the next post where I’ll give you 10 reasons to tell your boss why you  should need to be there!

Don’t have a typical employer who can pay your admission? Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur or start-up with a tight budget. Don’t fret! We have two full and six partial scholarships to give away, thanks to the generosity of University of Iowa Community Credit Union. Applications must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. on October 1.  (Follow the registration link above to download the application.)

OK… I have one more H. 

HOW… can we put on an event like this? With the help of volunteers from ImpactCR and EPIC, along with some amazing people from the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance, we were able to make this event possible.  Not to mention our sponsors from Kaplan University, Van Meter and Corridor CoWorks, as well as our other business and media sponsors.  A huge round of applause goes out to all of these individuals… and your boss who is going to not only make sure you get there, but they attend as well.


On to you CEOs, executives, BigWigs and other organizational leaders!  You have your very own session with Rebecca Ryan from Next Generation Consulting with the important topic –  Will they love you or leave you?.  There is limited availability, so don’t wait to register!  It’s free with lunch which is only $35 or $300 with a 10 top.  Interested?  I knew you would be!  Click this link to register yourself and a few of your best and brightest!

Keep checking back for more on the Next Gen. Summit and don’t forget to ‘Like’ Next Gen. Summit on Facebook!

{Have you signed up for the Next Gen. Summit yet?  If not, are you going to? Why/ why not?}