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Are you ready to get UGLY??

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so you know what that means!  It’s time to get UGLY.  That’s right!  Our Members and Mixers committee has been preparing all year for this night.  OK… maybe not all year, but I sure have!  Our annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Party is two short weeks away and you know you want to be there!

The Winners of the Night!

The Winners of the Night!

Last year’s Ugly Holiday Sweater party was pretty epic and there’s no doubt that this year’s event will be filled with even more shenanigans.   Is Christmas time your favorite and you don’t care who knows it?  Find your best ugliest holiday sweater and strut your stuff on the runway for a chance to win some really awesome prizes.  Don’t forget your reindeer antlers, jingle bells and Santa boxers!  Now that your head is spinning with AWESOME ideas, get that outfit together and make plans to join us!

Gather your friends and family (dressed in their ugliest, of course) and head down to Dublin City Pub from 7 – 10 p.m. on December 7th, right after the Fire and Ice Parade.  Contest begins at 8 p.m. sharp, so don’t be late!  (Contest entry is just $5.)


Ugly Holiday Sweater Party

Have you missed me?!  Soooo much, right?  I thought you might, so I have a fantastic post just in time for  you to plan your Thanksgiving weekend shopping.  Whether you are out shopping for the greatest deals of the season or avoiding retail stores like the plague, you’d better start planning the greatest Ugly Holiday Sweater or Outfit we’ve ever seen this side of the Mississippi.

Don’t worry… this isn’t turning into a fashion blog.  Yet. 😉

I just wanted to show you how epic your sweater can should be for our Ugly Holiday Sweater Party happening from 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. at Dublin City Pub on December 1st.  Join ImpactCR and Z102.9‘s Clare and Tyler Ryder to cheer on your favorites during the Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest.  If you think you have what it takes to walk the runway in your holiday best in front of the likes of Nicole Agee and other local celebrity judges, consider entering the Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest and strut your stuff.  It costs $5 to enter and the entertainment value is priceless.  Gather your closest friends and family and get together some of the best worst ugliest looks ever!  And don’t forget… Z102.9’s Lady J will be mixing the hottest holiday jams, so we can dance party the night away.  That’s right… DANCE.  PARTY.  Ok, so maybe that will just be me and my people, but you’re welcome to join in on the fun.

Stay tuned for a recap from this EPIC Holiday evening.  Want a list of all of the activities during the Fire & Ice Festival?  Click here to get your plans for December 1st and don’t forget to get that babysitter, dog sitter, whatever sitter, because this is one party you don’t want to miss!  See you in your ugliest!

We Want You!

There.  I said it.  ImpactCR wants you to join our really awesome group of young professionals!  I’m not going to be shy any longer.  Who doesn’t want to be wanted?  Right?! 😉  Exactly.  Which is why those of you who want to become more involved with ImpactCR should tell us how awesome you are and why you should be on the ImpactCR Board of Advisors.

Do you have a vision of what you think is the ideal community for the Now and Next Generation?  Have you already been working toward that vision?

Are you in love with Cedar Rapids and not care who knows it?  Us too!  Which is why we need to meet, so we can be friends and create a community of young pros who all want to have fun and do some really awesome things together.

If you aren’t quite sure what ImpactCR is, or what we do, then you haven’t been reading our blog long enough.  Just Kidding!  That’s why I’ll tell you where you can can get the best information (here and here).

If you’re interested in applying to be on the board, check out the application and get it back to the awesome Kelly Slaughter at kslaughter@cedarrapids.org by 5 p.m. Friday, November 9th.  Do you have a few questions or want to meet a few of the board members before sending in your application?  No worries!  You’ll be able to find us on Wednesday at Vito’s on 42nd for the last Siren Wednesday of the year.  It’s happening from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  What’s Siren?  Check out the deets from the last Siren Wednesday at Dublin City Pub (here and here)!

Stay tuned for details on the Ugly Holiday Sweater Party on December 1st!  You’d better start planning your entry for the “Best of Ugly” walk off!  As always, see you soon!

Siren Recap – Dublin City Pub

Hello friends!  I know you heard the sirens yesterday morning and if you’re like me you were probably reaching for your  second  third cup of coffee already.  Getting to (and maybe over) that hump is really hard.  Thank goodness you had Siren to look forward to after work! Riiiiiiiight?!

Thank you to all of you who made it out to Dublin City Pub last night!  We saw A TON of new faces – even a couple who had just moved here on SATURDAY!  How cool is that?!  They just knew how awesome we were and had to show up!  Ok… maybe I’m making that part up, but still.  It’s really great they stopped out to introduce themselves to us!  If you couldn’t make it, we had some very tasty apps graciously provided by University of Iowa – Tippie School of Management’s Cedar Rapids MBA-PM program, as well as some awesome mingling and conversation with some of the local elected leaders and candidates (who are highlighted here).

Here are some pics to recap Siren Wednesday at Dublin City Pub:

{images c/o our unofficial official photographer Mallory Mohwinkle and myself}

For those of you who didn’t make it this time… maybe because you’re a little shy, work ran late, kids had soccer practice, deadlines are approaching, etc. etc.  no worries!  This happens every month and we always have fun stuff going on –  Committee Mingle on October 10th (more on that later), Next Gen Summit (info here), Ugly Holiday Sweater Party (it’s coming sooner than you think), and *SO* much more!  Keep coming back!  I love telling you the goings on with ImpactCR, but don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and if you haven’t, SIGN UP already for our jam packed e-blasts!

{What more do you want to know about ImpactCR?  Board member highlight?  YP highlight?  Company highlight?  Tell me what you want to see on here, and you just might!}