We Want You!


Have you attended ImpactCR events such as Siren Wednesday, BigWig Lunch Talks or been a part of one of our awesome committees? Do you have some hip and fresh ideas that we seriously need to know about? Are you working toward a vision of what you think the ideal community is for the Now and Next Generation? Alright, Alright. I’ll stop with the questions!

Bottom line: We are looking for young professionals interested in being a part of a group full of passionate individuals who volunteer their time and expertise in connecting the now and next generation of leaders to the great Cedar Rapids community. We know all about you and now we want you on our board! We need some fresh blood perspective!

You’ve never been on a board before? No problem! I’m looking for ways to become more engaged in the community. Awesome! ImpactCR is a great way to network with other YPs and community leaders.

Board members come to the table with varying levels of engagement and experience, but we all have one thing in common: limitless community pride. While we focus talents of individual board members to serve where they feel most passionate, we come together as a board to advance our mission, dream up new strategies, events and plans on how to better serve our community’s future leaders. #MakeYourMark by applying for the ImpactCR Advisory Board today.

In case you did not know… ImpactCR is a network of young professionals, making our mark through service projects, social opportunities, leadership and professional growth programming, including collaborating on the corridor-wide conference, the Next Gen Summit. Our Advisory Board is looking for young leaders to apply, as we continue our mission into 2015 and beyond.

Questions? E-mail info@impactcr.org.


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