All aBoard 2014


Bright man, that Mr. Ali!  I know you all do some form of service already because ImpactCR members are all rockstars.  However, your favorite local, state and national non-profit organizations are looking for your help.  They want need you to be advocates for their organization at a board level.

On August 9th, ImpactCR is hosting our annual All aBoard event.  Have you ever thought about being on the board of your favorite non-profit?  Ok… so maybe you’ve thought about it but don’t know how to connect with board members.  Well… again, that’s why we are so awesome.  We are bringing board members to you and you to them.  They want young professionals who are passionate about their organization to become leaders.

The morning will begin with a presentation on Civic Boards and Commissions by Cedar Rapids City Councilman Kris Gulick.  Following, we will host a roundtable networking session with local board members: Stephanie Musterman-Robinson (Diversity Focus), Lydia Brown (NCSML), Brad Hart (United Way), Diane Ramsey (Iowa Women’s Leadership Conference), Brian Globokar (Catherine McAuley Center),  just to name drop a few!

During this roundtable session, you can create authentic connections with experienced leaders and engage with local boards looking for new members.  Don’t forget to bring a copy of your resume, questions and an open mind!  You never know who you might meet or what organization will pull at your heart strings.  Find the “right way” to become a vital part of strengthening our community though nonprofit leadership and service!

Register HERE!  This is one of the few events that is not free to our members.  For $15 you get an awesome coffee bar, breakfast and a unique opportunity to network with some pretty amazing leaders in our community.  See you there and don’t forget to #makeyourmark!

Photo Courtesy of Heather Gierut



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