Siren Wednesday | Planet X

“What the?!  But we’re adults and that place is for kids!”

If this (or something similar) was your initial thought, please know you are not alone.  However, please also rest assured we chose Planet X for many good reasons – one of which just so happens to be how much fun this place is for adults!

Like many of you, I don’t have children of my own and as such, I wouldn’t ever  typically throw Planet X into my bag of venue options for adults, at least not prior to attending a birthday party there last year.  I can tell you firsthand that as difficult as it may be to admit, we are all very wrong in our assumption that there’s no fun to be had by adults at Planet X. In fact, quite the contrary actually – it’s an absolute blast, even for corporate events.

I mean, laser tag? Miniature golf? How about rock climbing or jump shot? SPACE BALL, PEOPLE! Everybody knows you haven’t really lived until you’ve space balled! But if you still aren’t in after reading about all those activities that I personally find enjoyable – yes, even at 24+ years of age – might I interest you in a slice or three or seven of Planet X’s made-from-scratch, New York-style Pangea Pizza, paired with a gourmet beer of your choosing? Okay, the gourmet part might be a stretch, but you know what’s not? The mouth-watering deliciousness of their homemade Full Moon ice cream! To live for, truly.

And if even after reading all of those compelling reasons to join us at Planet X you still “seriously can’t even,” we hope you’ll look at it as an opportunity to welcome and network with our fellow young professionals who do have children. These amazing folks have requested and waited patiently for a family-friendly Siren Wednesday and we have the survey results to prove it. As always, ask and we shall (try our very best to) deliver!

I myself CANNOT WAIT to dominate each and every one of their kiddos in all of the aforementioned high-stakes games – especially rock-climbing! Oh, in case you weren’t aware, I have quite the reputation for being the first one up a wall without the need for help from anyone…

Eric - ImpactCR

Join us, won’t you?

Who: You, and if you so wish, your kids (I suppose you could bring someone else’s kids but ask the parents first maybe?)

What: Siren Wednesday, hosted by impactCR

Where: Planet X | 4444 1st Ave NE #3001, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

When: 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014.


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