D.I.N.E.: Emil’s Hideaway


I know you’ve probably already been to Siren Wednesday and if not, what are you waiting for!? But there is another awesome opportunity to network with other young pros while checking out some really cool locally owned eateries.

Don’t worry! It’s not like a dinner meeting when you are awkwardly trying to eat, maintain a conversation and impress your boss and other higher ups all at the same time. This is more like dinner with a ton of your friends! Talking about work (if you want), movies, summer vacations and the ImpactCR golf outing you are participating in the following Saturday. More on that here.

Ok, so now that you know how cool awesome D.I.N.E. is and how low key it will be, you need to know that you will arrive at Emil’s Hideaway around 5:30 on July 25th to take advantage of Happy Hour Specials until 6 p.m., which includes 1/2 price Apps, $2 off the signature drink menu, and three tiers of 22 oz draft beer specials $3-$4-$5. We’ll order dinner close to 6 p.m. Are you super indecisive or unsure what kind of food they have at Emil’s? Check out the menu a head of time and act like you’re a regular even though you may not have been there before.

Just don’t forget to register, so we can save you a seat! As always, it’s free to attend, you just need to pay for dinner. See you there and don’t forget to check out the custom bar top when you get there. It’s pretty sweet!

Emil’s Hideaway is located at 222 Glenbrook Drive SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403.


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