Young Professional Profile: Katie Johnson

I’m so excited to kick off our newest feature here on the ImpactCR Blog!  We love everything about young professionals and thought we should put some faces out there of people who are active in the ImpactCR community and {bias aside} pretty awesome.  To start, I thought we should tell you about our fearless leader, Katie Johnson.  


Katie J Profile


What is your job title, and what are your daily responsibilities?

  • Marketing Manager at Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa
  • Full time student, Masters of Social Work, University of Iowa

At JAEI, I am responsible for marketing, branding and promotions. Things like web site updates, event promotions, information dissemination, press releases, etc. I am also currently in the Masters of Social Work program at the University of Iowa where responsibilities are to read, read, write and (this semester) intern at the St. Luke’s Child Protection Center.

How did you get to where you are today with your career?

In my time working in the non-profit world I’ve been lucky to work with a multitude of volunteers, board members and co-workers who have taught me many lessons in leadership, work ethic and organization. They’ve pushed me to continue to improve.

What are your top tips for other young professionals?

  • Try something that makes you uncomfortable or intimidates you – e.g., attend a networking event and talk to strangers, volunteer for a project you don’t have much experience in, join a group (like ImpactCR!) you’ve been putting off, etc. You learn so much about yourself outside of your comfort zone, and meet inspirational people when you least expect it.
  • Keep your attitude/outlook in check. Too often I find myself thinking self-defeating thoughts that do nothing but waste time and halt progress. When you’re head is right, good things come!

What is your role with ImpactCR?

Chair of the Board of Advisors

How many miles away are you from your hometown?

Approximately 12 miles

Besides being active with ImpactCR, what is your favorite thing to do in Cedar Rapids?

Just one favorite?!?! When the weather cooperates I love running the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. It cuts through so many great points in the city. I also have a great relationship with food, and enjoy trying out any and all eateries here in CR.

Thanks Katie! I love the first tip about doing something uncomfortable or that intimidates you.  You can grow and learn so much about yourself by stepping outside of your comfort zone.  Have you gotten where you are today by taking on a project or opportunity that was a little intimidating or uncomfortable?  We’d love to hear about it!  I can’t wait to see who will be next on our YP Profile!  Do you have someone you want to know about?  Feel free to nominate a young pro that interests you.



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