BigWig Lunch Talk – John Bloomhall

If anyone else is feeling the same way as I am, you’re ready for Spring to be here anytime now.  Since when did Mother Nature decide it would be cool to make Iowa a winter wonderland in March?  Am I right?  Although, if nature repeats itself, St. Patrick’s Day will be here in 5 short days and we’ll all be in t-shirts getting sunburned while partaking in SAPADAPASO’s annual parade and other green festivities downtown.  This white stuff just needs to melt and disappear.

I know we’ve been a little quiet on the blog front, but we’re back and have some great partnerships and new initiatives launching in the next month or so, and I hope to have lots of great stuff to share soon!

For those of us who prefer immediate gratification, you will be happy to know that we have a fantastic event lined up tomorrow, Wednesday, March 13th from 12:00pm – 1:00pm.  I’ve talked about our BLT’s before here, and it’s back!  We are happy to have Diamond V CEO John Bloomhall at the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance over the lunch hour.

John Bloomhall

If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Bloomhall, I’ll have you know he’s a pretty busy man and is very passionate about the community.  Mr. Bloomhall is the third generation of his family to lead the worldwide animal feed ingredient company. He has fulfilled his passion for community over the years having served on various boards, including Brucemore, Kirkwood Community College Foundation, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Tanager Place, Indian Creek Nature Center… the list goes on!


He has received many honors, including the Entrepreneurial Achievement Award by the Iowa Biotechnology Association for his commitment to supporting the industry through facility expansion, job creation and product innovation. He also received the 2010 Ernst & Young Entreprenuer of the Year award in Agriculture for the Central Midwest Region.

Pretty impressive, right?  We thought so!  This is just a little snapshot of what he has accomplished throughout his professional journey, and we invite you to learn more and see how his journey may impact your own.  Who doesn’t want to know how a BigWig became… well… a big wig?  Come prepared with questions and your lunch (a BLT perhaps?).  See you then!


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