Twisted Siren Wednesday

While the sirens have already blared this month, it does not mean that Siren Wednesday has gone by the wayside.  Rather, it is coming back with more bells and whistles than ever before!  This month, Members and Mixers is bringing you… wait for it… Twisted Siren Wednesday.

Siren with a twist, you say? 

Why yes, I do say.  This month, we will be bringing you a Siren like never before!  Many come to Siren for the social aspect, to meet new people and network.  Others come to catch up with friends, have a beer or two and celebrate Hump Day.  No matter what your reasons for attending Siren Wednesday, this Wednesday will be a little different.  A little like speed dating.

Get your mouse off that Red ‘X’ button!  Just chill.

speed networking

A little mix of speed dating, but speed networking style. Sounds awesome, right!?  For those of you who find your cozy little table and stay put for the duration of Siren, this is for you.  It won’t last long, but there’s no doubt that you will make a ton of connections.  Even if you don’t make a ton of connections, you might make one or two important ones.

Now that you shy ones have stopped hyperventilating, gather some business cards and get ready for some fun tomorrow after work!  We will be seeing you from 5:30pm – 7:30pm at The Vault, formerly known as Piano Lounge, aka Penguin’s Comedy Club, aka Harrington’s Sports Bar.  Right.

The Vault

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a comedian, or would like to watch others who dream of being a comedian, or those who enjoy getting laughed at with, Comedy Open Mic Night starts at 7:30!  $2 liquid courage domestic bottles all night long and there’s no cover!

See you tomorrow night!


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