Not Appropriate for Work – Ugly Holiday Sweater Party Recap

To save face for all those involved, this may not be appropriate to view at work.  What am I saying?!  Of course it is!  No one can put on a horrifically ugly holiday sweater and really expect that they are going to get away with it.  Which is why I was in full force Saturday night gathering all sorts of evidence… aka pictures.  To post on here.  That’s right!  For those of you who were brave enough to participate in the Best of Ugly walk off at our Annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest, I have proof that you deserve to be on the Worst Dressed List.  Don’t fret… for this party, it’s a good thing!

If you missed what was probably the most epic Ugly Holiday Sweater Party yet, here are a few pictures from the contest.  For those of you who might have participated in the contest, don’t be nervous.  They are not that bad.  (Please pardon the evil eyes.  Taking pictures in zero light with an iPhone flash is not the greatest idea I’ve ever had.)

Now please… sit back, relax and enjoy the feature presentation!

Thank you to all of the Fire and Ice Festival sponsors, the Metro Economic Alliance, Hoopla, Freedom Festival, RuffaloCODY, Dublin City Pub,  Z102.9, DJ Lady J, Clare from the Schulte & Swann Morning Show, and Tyler Ryder.

All in all, it was a successful night.  Think you have what it takes to win next year?  I think you do!  So start planning the greatest ugly holiday outfit now, and we’ll see you in 2013!


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