Come Mingle with Us @ Fieldhouse Downtown

Chances are one, or a combination, of these next three thoughts have been yours…

  • Dude!  My boss keeps bugging me about getting involved in a young professionals group.  I don’t even know what’s out there.  Besides, I don’t want to go by myself, I’m not going to know anyone.
  • I just moved to Cedar Rapids and I don’t really know anyone other than the people I work with.  I’d really like to get involved, but I’m new, I’m not sure where to go.
  • I want to get more involved with my community, but I really want to get to know more people around my age.  I always see people at work, but I really want to expand outside of my work friends.

How many of you have had one or more of these thoughts?   I know I have!  I moved back after college and had no idea why I was here when I had always wanted to live in Chicago or Minneapolis.  It wasn’t until I became friends with one of our current board members that I was encouraged to get involved with ImpactCR.  I have to say, after over a year of being on the board, I’m so glad I did!

I’m sure you’re asking where I am going with this?  You love ImpactCR, we get it.  My point is, I may not have known how to get involved with ImpactCR, if I wasn’t encouraged to apply for the board by a friend.  I had my friends, I was meeting new people, but it wasn’t until someone told me I should, that I did.  So if your boss is encouraging you to get involved outside of work, or if you just moved to Cedar Rapids, or just want to get more involved in our community… join us at our Committee Mingle on Wednesday, October 10th at Fieldhouse Downtown from 5:30 – 6:30!  As always, ALL are welcome!

{Siren Wednesday - Members & Mixers}

{Siren Wednesday – Members & Mixers}

We’re always looking for new people to help bring creative ideas to the table.  So if you’re looking for a chance to get involved and want learn which committee suits your style, come mingle with us!  It’s super informal, open to everyone, and totally free!  (Need a refresher of our three committees?  Click here.)

There’s no obligation to sign up for a committee, but don’t be surprised if you do! 😉  There’s so much fun to be had!  If you have specific questions for our committee leaders before Wednesday, please feel free to send them an email directly at one of the emails below!   See you Wednesday!

Civic & Community Action | Mike Butterfield |

Members & Mixers | Katie Johnson |

Leadership & Service | Amber Mussman |


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