Siren Recap – Dublin City Pub

Hello friends!  I know you heard the sirens yesterday morning and if you’re like me you were probably reaching for your  second  third cup of coffee already.  Getting to (and maybe over) that hump is really hard.  Thank goodness you had Siren to look forward to after work! Riiiiiiiight?!

Thank you to all of you who made it out to Dublin City Pub last night!  We saw A TON of new faces – even a couple who had just moved here on SATURDAY!  How cool is that?!  They just knew how awesome we were and had to show up!  Ok… maybe I’m making that part up, but still.  It’s really great they stopped out to introduce themselves to us!  If you couldn’t make it, we had some very tasty apps graciously provided by University of Iowa – Tippie School of Management’s Cedar Rapids MBA-PM program, as well as some awesome mingling and conversation with some of the local elected leaders and candidates (who are highlighted here).

Here are some pics to recap Siren Wednesday at Dublin City Pub:

{images c/o our unofficial official photographer Mallory Mohwinkle and myself}

For those of you who didn’t make it this time… maybe because you’re a little shy, work ran late, kids had soccer practice, deadlines are approaching, etc. etc.  no worries!  This happens every month and we always have fun stuff going on –  Committee Mingle on October 10th (more on that later), Next Gen Summit (info here), Ugly Holiday Sweater Party (it’s coming sooner than you think), and *SO* much more!  Keep coming back!  I love telling you the goings on with ImpactCR, but don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and if you haven’t, SIGN UP already for our jam packed e-blasts!

{What more do you want to know about ImpactCR?  Board member highlight?  YP highlight?  Company highlight?  Tell me what you want to see on here, and you just might!}


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