Top 10 Reasons Your Boss Should Send You To The Next Gen Summit

1. Retention. Every company is concerned about losing the talent they have spent valuable money training, especially the younger generation.  The Summit is focused on bringing the younger generation together to find inspiration in their workplace and throughout Iowa’s Creative Corridor.

2. Networking. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to network with other young professionals and community leaders about their lives and your company.  Word of mouth is the cheapest form of advertising.

3. Personal and Professional Development. Breakout sessions are geared toward personal and professional development — teaching and refining key leadership and communication skills to help each individual make a greater impact in their company.

4. Community Involvement. Breakout session speakers will explain the importance of getting involved in their community and how community involvement can further their careers and your company goals.  Our pre-luncheon United Way Non-Profit Fair will help attendees become more familiar with local service opportunities and causes.

5. Celebrating Diversity.  Attendees will learn ideas and strategies on how to move away from intolerance and toward celebration.

6. Unhinging Ideas.  Employers are concerned their younger generation employees are not satisfied with living in the Creative Corridor, and ultimately may leave.  The Summit encourages the younger generation to come together to unhinge these ideas and get involved in making the Creative Corridor the place they want to live.

7. A Manifesto For America’s Next Leaders.  The keynote address will feature nationally acclaimed multi-generational expert and young professional guru, Rebecca Ryan with Next Generation Consulting.  Her keynote will focus on inspiring young attendees to become the next leaders.

8. BigWigs Can Participate Too.  CEOs, Managers, or other ‘BigWigs’ that send attendees to the Summit can also participate in a FREE exclusive session featuring keynote speaker, Rebecca Ryan.  She will discuss the steps companies can take to retain their now and next generation of employees.

9. Invest in Your Young Professionals.  Show your young professionals you are invested in their future by sending them to the Summit!

10. Bringing New Visionary Energy to Their Work.  Send attendees to the Summit this year to learn how to become empowered leaders, to be inspired and have new appreciation for their role in your workplace and their community.


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